February 25, 2012

New Podcast: Audio Snapshots of Your Life Story

New from our friend Ian Kath at Create Your Life Story:

Episode 67 : Audio Snapshots of Your Life Story
Listen to the podcast here.

Audio Upload servicesEnhance your skill & confidence while recording your LifeStory

Getting started is often the hardest part of recording a life story and getting started isn’t all the preparation. It’s starting to record audio. Your Audio!

A good place to get some motivation is with the free Quick Start Mini-Guide PDF.
Record on Phone to AudioBoo & SoundCloud

This useful information will help your overview but if you want more, you can get the complete Quick Start Guide which will get you started today while helping keep Create Your Life Story producing all this valuable content.

But what about the actual audio?

Click here to read Ian's new post on his website, Create Your Life Story.com

Be sure to check out Ian Kath mentioned on BBC (February 21, 2012, around 18:50 min).