February 10, 2012

Audio Notes From Berlin

This is what Ian saw in Berlin
just a few hours ago.
OK, you have to put this into perspective.  Not too long ago--in my lifetime, in fact--this was not possible.  The Internet did not exist, neither did the iPhone.  So, the audio "report" you can hear below from Ian Kath's adventures in Berlin is actually quite remarkable.  Instant global communication...the likes we've never seen before in the history of human kind. 

The point is that Ian's experiences in Europe can easily be conveyed through the wondrous technology of the Internet.  He's using a service called Audioboo to record his thoughts into his iPhone, and then he can broadcast his recording to...well, just about anyone in the world with an Internet connection.   

I get Ian's audio vignettes through Facebook.  Others might get it through his Twitter feed.  Wherever--and whenever--Ian wants to make a personal audio broadcast he simply talks into his iPhone using Audioboo and his voice is instantly available on the web.  Pretty cool, don't you think?   

Take a listen...and really think about how this powerful technology can be used to narrate and broadcast your own thoughts, experiences--your life stories.  Remember, it's never been easier for us to record, preserve, and share our stories with others.  Well, not just "others"--but the world!

PS: The last time I tried to send a message from Euorpe I was standing in the pouring rain at a public telephone booth and feeding handfulls of coins into a metallic static contraption.       

NOTE: Be sure to check out Ian Kath's incredible life story resources at CreateYourLifeStory.com--the world's leading life story guide on the web.